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In accordance with recent government regulations in Egypt: 

ONLY flights DEPARTING from EGYPTIAN AIRPORTS are currently available for booking through our website. 

Empire Travel offers a wide variety of services all around Egypt as a travel agency and a tour operator. We offer private tours using our own top of the line vehicles with professional experienced drivers and egyptologist tour guides with many years of expertise in their field. 

We have been operating in Egypt since 1987, so rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to anything Egypt! 

No matter what hospitality service you might need, we can definitely provide it for you. We offer transfers, airport assistance, private tours, hotel, and flight bookings, and more!

We offer you complete comprehensive tailor-made programs with a custom itinerary, starting from your arrival at the airport in Egypt to your last departure point.

One of our finest tour guides speaking your language (all languages available) will lead you on an unforgettable Egyptian journey.

Contact us with any questions you might have and we will quickly get back to you.

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COVID-19 Updates

frequent questions about the pandemic in Egypt

Do I need to take a PCR test before visiting Egypt?

It is mandatory to have a valid negative PCR test result. No country is exempted from this rule as of today.

The test with has to be taken within 72 hours of taking the last flight to Egypt.
Some exceptions are made for some flights, where the timeframe can be 96 hours. (Japan / China / Thailand / North America / South America / Canada / London (Heathrow) /Rome / Paris / Frankfurt / New Zealand / Australia/South Korea)

It has to be an original stamped certificate, from an accredited laboratory, in Arabic or English, and includes the exact time of the test.

Children under the age of 6 are exempted. 

*Make sure you contact us before making any travel plans regarding any new regulation updates*

Do I have to be quarantined upon arrival?

No quarantine is needed when visiting Egypt during the pandemic. The only mandatory rule is the PCR test result and of course it is very important to follow the safety measures during your visit such as social distancing and making sure you always wear a mask in crowded areas or indoors.

Do I need a vaccination in order to enter Egypt?

As of now, you do not need it.

The government hasn’t issued an official statement yet but as vaccines become readily available throughout the world, we believe things will change and you might need to have a valid proof of being properly vaccinated against the coronavirus. All countries are going towards this direction to end the pandemic and we advise you to take the vaccine as soon as it’s possible where you live.

What are the precautions taken in Egypt regarding COVID-19?

  • You have to wear your mask in public areas and during transportation, and only take if off when you really need to, for example if you are eating or drinking.
  • All travelers must have a valid travel insurance certificate upon arrival.
  • You need to maintain social distancing and keep at least a 1-meter distance from the person closest to you.


Frequently asked questions about Egypt

What languages are widely spoken in Egypt?

While the official language of the country is Arabic, most locals will be able to understand English as it’s the second language for many. 

Most Egyptians will be able to understand basic English, and a lot of locals fluently speak it, specially people working in tourism like our tour guides, and of course hotel staff.

English is the most common second language taught in schools, preceding French and German being less common. 

Some areas like Hurghada for example, have locals speaking different languages like basic Russian and German as the majority of tourists are from Russian and German backgrounds.

Empire Travel and other companies will be able to provide guests with the right tour guide speaking their language, whatever that language may be. 

Do I need an entry visa to enter Egypt?

The entry visa can be taken on arrival at the airport for most nationalities. It costs $25 (as of May 2021). 

You can also apply online to have it in possession before departure or find out if your nationality requires an application beforehand through the official website here.

Is it a good idea to rent a car for my trip?

You can rent a car and drive around Egypt at your own pace, if you have a valid international driving license. 

We advise not to do that, though. The main reason is the nature of driving in Egypt. 

If you are used to driving in countries like the US and Canada; countries with high road conditions standards, then it will be very challenging for you to get used to the driving environment in Egypt. While main roads are safe, some side roads are bumpy and the way of driving is different (cars are very close to each other, and sometimes drivers don’t follow the rules of sticking to a certain lane, etc.)

If you are booking your trip with a travel company like Empire Travel, then the company will provide you with it’s own transportation and a private professional driver, and it shall be included in your program/itinerary by default, also keep in mind that the accompanying private tour guide/egyptologist can answer questions about the place you’re visiting or other questions about the city.

It’s recommended, if you are not using a travel agent’s services, to use applications like Uber and Careem for your trips, if you need a ride.

On a side note; navigation apps like Google Maps and other software are very accurate and will get you to your destination, or provide you with correct information about a certain place, ETA, reviews and live traffic conditions.


How much cash do I need for my visit? And where can I use my credit cards?

Credit card payments are available in most places around Egypt, specially hotels, restaurants, malls, and other major outlets. (Visa and MasterCard are the main two accepted types of credit cards. American Express, Diner’s Club and other uncommon cards are not widely accepted except in certain hotels and higher end places)

Of course cash is the ultimate method for payments, specially in small outlets like street kiosks (when buying candy, soda, or mineral water, etc.) and tipping for various services. It’s advisable to always keep a good amount of cash in EGP on hand.

Do not exchange currency with strangers, instead opt for official money exchange offices which are widely available in airports, hotels, and main streets (make sure you ask your guide before doing the exchange, as they should know where is the best place to do it.)

Can I drink Alcohol in Egypt?

Alcoholic beverages are served and allowed in Egypt, the legal drinking age is 21.

All 5 star hotels, bars and restaurants offer alcohol on their menu, and you can buy your alcoholic drinks from a lot of places around the country, specially touristic areas.

Not all restaurants or coffeeshops serve alcohol, as it requires a certain license, so ask about the place you are visiting before going if you would like to drink. Touristic cities like Sharm el sheikh, Hurghada, and similar places should have more locations where alcohol is available. 

Do not drink on the streets, as alcohol is usually frowned upon by many locals, being of a muslim background which Alcohol is prohibited to drink.

There are stores with very affordable prices that can even deliver locally brewed alcohol to your doorstep (Drinkie’s and Cheers are the most common.)

*Note* During the holy month of Ramadan, most of these shops are closed. Hotels and higher end bars and restaurants are the only places allowed to serve exclusively for foreigners, so make sure you have your passport/ID with you to prove you are not Egyptian.

The most common local beer is Stella, also considered the oldest, as it has been available since 1897. You can slo find local Heineken and Sakara, which come right after Stella in order of popularity.

Regarding local wine, you can find a variety of white, rose, and red wine with the most common being Omar Khayam, Grand Marquis, and Ayam.

Egyptian Beer and wine compete internationally as of taste and quality, and much cheaper than international brands. Local Egyptian spirits like Whiskey, Rum and Vodka are not widely liked by many, so it’s preferred to drink international imported brands available in hotels and touristic areas. 

You can buy imported alcohol only from the airport duty free shops, within 48 hours of arrival, where you are allowed 4 one liter bottles if you choose to buy right upon landing, or 3 bottles if you skip the first day.

Is it safe to drink from the tap water in Egypt?

The tap water in Egypt is over chlorinated, and may cause some health problems like diarrhea, if you are not used to it.

We recommend mineral drinking water bottles and avoiding drinking tap water anywhere around the country.

Bottles are available everywhere, and are very cheap. Also note that most places/restaurants do not serve tap water, but instead they use mineral drinking water.

Some Essential Information About Egypt

Best Time To Visit
Egyptian Culture

Many people from all over the world have Egypt on their travel bucket list, yet many people are still not completely sure when it is the best time for their Egyptian adventure. We will recommend the best locations for each season when you visit Egypt and the pros and cons of each one.

The long-awaited answer is that there is no ‘best time’ to visit Egypt. The land of the Nile is blessed with moderate weather, clear and sunny skies for most of the year. 

Summer from June to September, Egypt experiences its hottest weather. Temperatures can go well over 40 degrees Celsius in Cairo and other destinations. If you’re planning on visiting Egypt in the summer, stay away from the south of the country with flaming hot summers and record-high temperatures. The best place to go in Egypt during the summer is the vibrant resort cities along the coast of the mediterranean sea, including the famous city of Alexandria and specifically the north coast, which is the ultimate summer getaway where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, and cooler climate.

Other summer hotspots include the Red Sea coastal cities like Hurghada, Dahab, Gouna, Sharm El-sheikh, Ras Sudr, and Marsa Alam. Although a little warmer than the mediterranean side, here is where you will find the best in the World diving and snorkeling spots.  They are also known for beach activities during the hot mornings, like kite surfing, paddle boarding, and other water sports.

Winter in Egypt is pretty moderate, especially relative to the harsh and freezing winters experienced by many parts in the world. Winter in Egypt is the best time to explore the Southern cities like Luxor and Aswan, or take a magical cruise along the legendary Nile River. Southern Egypt hosts continuous sunlight, and very warm winters especially during the afternoon. However, it can get pretty chilly in the early morning or late night. We recommend grabbing comfy jackets and scarves for the cool morning and nights.

Best places to visit during the winter is definitely the southern part of Egypt (Upper Egypt), particularly Luxor and Aswan. This is by far the most recommended, all around best choice for anyone who wants to explore the historical attractions and the priceless gems Ancient Egyptians left to amaze everyone with.

The best way to visit both locations and get the most out of your trip is by booking a Nile Cruise. There are many 5 star floating hotel cruisers to choose from. You can opt for a 3, 4, or 7 night cruises where you will have breakfast overlooking the beautiful nile river, visit the highlights of both cities in the morning on professionally guided tours, get a glimpse of the city in the evening, and sleep in your nile-view room while sailing the longest river in Africa. 

The cruise starts from Luxor or Aswan, depending on the schedule and your requested departure date. The usual route is booking a flight from Cairo to the embarkation city and returning from the other, using one round trip flight ticket.

The peak travel season in Egypt runs from October to May, and that’s when most tourist sites get busy with tourists flocking from every corner of the world. The season mostly covers autumn and winter. If you don’t mind a little heat, you can enjoy a crowd-free trip during the off-season times of the year, especially in mid-summer. Traveling during the peak seasons, especially during Christmas and Easter breaks can be a little more expensive than other low seasons, but it will definitely be the best choice when finding where to spend your vacation.

If you’re interested in knowing more and planning your trip to Egypt, get in touch with us now and we’ll reach back with all the details you might need!

Egypt is a very unique destination that caught the interest and curiosity of people from all over the globe, who are eager to visit and explore the historical nation. Despite the fact that Egypt is generally a very safe destinations, and that Egyptians are some of the friendliest people in the world, there are some things you should know while visiting Egypt, to ensure getting the most comfortable and memorable  experience.

It’s recommended not to discuss politics and religion with anyone you don’t know, as these subjects are often very sensitive to some people. Instead, when talking to strangers, you can discuss the local culture, history, and other interesting topics.

Egyptians love hosting tourists from all around the world, and will try to help as much as they can in order for you to get the best experience. Most of Egyptian locals benefit from tourism in one way or another, whether directly or indirectly.

Your tour guide is usually the go-to person when you have any sensitive question, as they know the traditions quite well, and will be able to answer it in a very informative way.

When visiting mosques and churches, make sure you dress modestly, are not wearing shorts or revealing clothes and sometimes a head scarf to wear inside is a nice gesture of respect to the place of worship.

In various visits, you might come across street souvenirs/gifts sellers. If you are not willing to buy something, it’s okay to ignore the sellers. If you decide to consider the merchandise, your tour guide will be able to help you bargain the prices and make sure you are not overpaying for it. 

Tipping “Baksheesh” in Egypt is a very acceptable way of showing gratitude to an offered service. Make sure you are carrying small change in Egyptian Pounds. Asking your guide about what a reasonable amount to tip is recommended, as it differs depending on the service.

Essential words in Arabic:

  • Ahlan wa sahlan (Welcome)
  • Shokran (Thank You)
  • Sabah el kheir (Good Morning)
  • Baksheesh (Tip)
  • Ma`a el salama (Good Bye)
  • Bokra (Tomorrow) – Ennaharda (Today)
  • Kolo Tamam (All Good/OK)
  • Feloos ( Money )
  • Ana / Enta (Me/You)
  • Insha’allah (If God wills)
  • Chai (Tea)
  • Kahwwa (Coffee)
  • Labban (Milk)
  • Helw (Beautiful/Nice)

Egyptian Food

We invite you to try the delicious typical dishes of Egypt, such as: koshari (lentil and rice dish), mahshi (stuffed vegetables), falafael (taameya), and fuul (beans). When it comes to fruit, Egypt is a paradise of fragrant and tasty fruits. Don’t forget to taste the guavas, dates, figs, and large variety of juicy mangos!

Most hotels serve local dishes. The typical Egyptian foods are rice, pita bread (aysh) and fava beans. Special dishes include roasted ground lamb like kebab, vegetable casserole, and stuffed, grilled pigeon. Desserts like Baklava and Basbousa are local favorites. Italian, French and Indian cuisine can be found in hotels and restaurants. Locally brewed beer (stella and Sakkara) and bottled sodas may be found throughout the country. Tea with fresh mint is also a well known drink after a good meal, make sure to try it out!

Don't take our words for it..

Client Testimonials

amazing service We spent three weeks in Egypt (October-November) and used Empire Travel to put together an itinerary that was specific for us, with private tours and a private car. We worked closely with Peter Aziz on the schedule. Our schedule allowed us for free time to explore on our own, as as well as to visit w/family friends. We even spoke on the phone a couple of times to iron out the details. Everything worked out perfectly, from the moment we were picked up at the Cairo Airport to the day we were dropped off for our flight home. We enjoyed Sakkara, Giza, Al Khalil Market, 2-day visit to St. Katharine (Mt. Sinai), visit to Alexandria, 2 day stay in Luxor w/tours of Abydos and Dendera, before the 5 day Movenpick Nile cruise, and lastly a day tour of Abu Simbel with the stay at Aswan's famous Old Cataract Hotel. Also, the price was very reasonable considering all the tours, tickets and transfers. All throughout the three week stay, Peter was always available to add or change anything to our itinerary. We highly recommend Empire Travel. We hope to return to Egypt and use Peter's services again.
16. November, 2021.
Well-organised tours, great communication and fair prices We really loved the tours with Empire Travel. There was always solid communication (both while booking, upfront and during the tour) and we had a very knowledgeable guide who spoke both English and French very well. She really went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and to teach us many things about the history of Egypt. Would definitely recommend booking a tour with Empire Travel!
4. September, 2021.
Great experience, highly recommended! Great service, wonderful staff, they truly go above and beyond. You can always rely on them, also have the best prices. Thank you Empire travel!
Shady E
Shady E
15. August, 2021.
One to remember Thank you; trip was awesome! They went above and beyond to ensure my safety and enjoyment. One to remember!
Ramy F
Ramy F
12. August, 2021.
Best tours in all of Egypt! I visited Egypt with a group of friends last month and I couldn’t be happier with their services. Tours were very well organized. We were accompanied by an impressive tour guide (Gina) who answered all of our questions about ancient Egypt and the visits. Transportation was clean and comfortable. The driver was very careful with the covid-19 precautions and there was even a plastic shield between the driver and passenger side in their minivan. Overall, I’m very satisfied and will definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to visit Egypt! Thank you Empire!
Tony M
Tony M
12. August, 2021.
Excellent Very professional service provider I Am using their cars for business and leisure trips and they never failed to make me happy with the level of service and curtsy
Omar A
Omar A
12. August, 2021.
Highly recommended One of the best company in Egypt is fully trusted and professional staff I recommend all of my friends to travel with them,very honest and professional travel agency.
Mariam H
Mariam H
11. August, 2021.
Amazing experience , best vacation Best travel agency i dealt with since long time , we had an amazing tour in luxor and Aswan and the transfer service from the airport was really amazing . Also we booked with them again for a tour in Dahab , they are very responsive always helping to suggest the best . Highly recommend to have a relaxed and pampered vacation .
nancy Michel
nancy Michel
11. August, 2021.
The Best The best I have ever dealt with! I had the best honeymoon organized by Empire Travel and the process of booking our flights and transfers couldn’t have been smoother! Mr Peter also provided us with a great tour guide. We had an unforgettable experience. Thank you Empire Travel 💜
Jilan A
Jilan A
11. August, 2021.
A great cultural excursion Went to old Cairo and Citadel. The whole experience was seamless and professional. Empire travel were very prompt in their reply, accommodated all our needs and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke English very well. A great experience over all.
sylvia a
sylvia a
28. July, 2021.
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